by Letterbomb

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released July 1, 2014

All music written and produced by Letterbomb
Recorded at Implicit Studios



all rights reserved


Letterbomb Ontario

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Track Name: Decide
The playing field is set
The pieces all in place
Another choice you may regret
Another instant you can't erase

What to do how to say
Your life's in the hands
Of the choices you make
What to do how to say

Oh sweet distress
Won't you help me to forget
Oh dear obsess with decisions you cannot assess
Take all you get and do not resist
Track Name: Spun
Patience is dwindling thoughts eating away
So sick of waiting when nothings the same
Oh in your absence I'm dead and gone
If I felt your presence I'm sure to hold on
How could one
Make another feel undone

Now I’ve been spun raveled in denial
Oh what a phenomenon I'm here all the while
Que vous me fait pensee Il me tarde de te voir
Voux me fait trompee je dors pas le soir

How could one
Make another feel undone
Make another feel so spun

If I gotta wait any longer now I’ll lose my cool
And if I gotta think it all over now I’ll feel just like a fool
Every time I’m with you I feel I’ve been overruled

If I gotta take all I got and take it to you
If I got to tell me whereto
Know whatever it takes I'll breakthrough
Track Name: Bigot
Boots coming down on the people
Boots come down on the people
Don’t you know?

You can’t hide, hide away yeah
There’s a fire, oh they say yeah
Oh all this time, we woe
And that’s all fine for the show
In this life, we realize
There’s no sign? Can't you hear the cries?
Track Name: Aurora
All of my essence lost dreaming
Lost in the illusions of being
All of my conscience screaming
Screaming surrender and fleeing
Its only peace of mind I hope for
Cause this life must mean so much more
Now I need a sense to explore

Aurora, take me away
Take me away, I don’t wanna seize the day

All off my spirits enlightened
Alive and soaring through the motions
All the sensation is heightened
Ignite like a catalytic reaction
Track Name: Dead
She asked do I know
How to fix the dead
I had something else
In mind instead
The words won't get off my chest
But they’re alive in my head
Still she's the only one
Who's tear drops glow red

She asked is this it?
I wished I knew
There’s still something else
I wish I told you
The words that won't get off my chest
Can't fix the dead
Still she's the only one
Who's tear drops glow red
Track Name: Dream
Ever dream?
Dream so vivid
Live it all
Nothing mattered
Nothing will
Forget it all

Behind the hollow heartbeat
Felt so real

Ever dream
Dream in love
Lose it all
All that was
So elusive
Forget it all